Are you ready to give the gift? Published May 3, 2013 | By admin

Are you ready to become a Surrogate?

We suggest that all potential surrogates consider the following before you commit yourself to any family. It is important that you and the Intended Parents have the same expectations surrounding the process.

Clarification on the following is very important, and can often be a deal breaker, if not agreed upon prior to the contract process beginning.
* How many embryos will be transferred?

*Am I willing to carry multiples?

*Are you willing to consider selective reduction?

*Am I able to terminate a pregnancy, at the intended parents discretion if there is a medical issue with the fetus(s)?

*Am I willing to allow intended parents help with selection of an OB, and to attend appointments?

*Who will be in the room during the delivery?

*What are my expectations around post birth contact, if any?

*Are you willing to pump breast milk if asked?

The gift a Surrogate Mother gives is such an enormous blessing.

Are you ready to give this gift?

~Leia Picard

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