Canadian Surrogate – Pregnancy Symptoms; What about this belly ache? Published September 26, 2013 | By admin

Canadian Surrogate – This month I have had the same question from many surrogates, and so went looking for an article that addresses the issue of lower belly pain. I was able to find an article that both addresses this concern, as well as potential ways to alleviate some of the discomfort.

Being pregnant myself, I am definitely more aware of my body these days, and can relate to my surrogates who are having these concerns. I’m hoping that this article will address these issues, and give us all some ideas to help us through these times.

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Article found here
It’s quite typical for your lower abdomen to ache. This aching, as opposed to cramping, is caused by the stretching of the muscles and ligaments (the tough, flexible tissues that connect your bones) supporting your uterus (womb) (Aquilera 2005; Davis 1996). It is often called round ligament pain.

Hormones produced by your body during pregnancy cause the stretching (Andrews and O

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