How to Choose an OB for Surrogacy- EggHelpers Published October 8, 2014 | By admin

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How can I find an Obstetrician to care for me during my Surrogate Pregnancy?

At EggHelpers we are often asked who’s the best OB in my area, or Do you know if Dr xxxx is Surrogate friendly?

Once our Surrogates are pregnant, we often suggest asking their Fertility Dr. to help then find an Obstetrician in their area, who has experience working with Surrogates. Often, Gestational carriers have OB’s that they have worked with in the past who would be another great option for a care provider.

While most babies born in Canada are delivered by obstetricians, Surrogates do have other options, including Midwives, and family physicians. We always suggest that this is conversation that Intended parents and Surrogates have prior to entering into a Surrogacy agreement, to ensure that their is no misunderstanding.

What criteria should I use to choose my obstetrician?

Only you can decide which are the most important considerations for you. Keep in mind that you may be able to narrow your list of choices somewhat with a simple phone call. Here are some other things to consider:

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