Canadian Fertility Consultants answers the Question- How much contact will I have with my Surrogate Published November 19, 2013 | By admin

How How much contact will I have with the surrogate mother

When a match is made, the level of interaction between the Surrogate and Intended Parents is a personal preference between the Intended parents, and surrogate.

Everyone will need to decide how much interaction they are comfortable with, and also consider how much interaction the other parties to the surrogacy expect. Our Program Director, Leia Picard will discuss your expectations regarding contact before you are matched with a Surrogate in our program. This contact will not only be during a pregnancy, but will also be post birth, after babies are here.

CFC prides itself on making the most suited match possible for all parties. Some Intended Parents like high levels of interaction; i.e., regular updates via e-mail and/or phone, and the expectation to attend as many of the medical appointments as possible. It is highly important to some Intended Parents to be

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