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When it gets close to delivery time for our Surrogates, we often suggest putting together a Birth Plan, along with the Intended parents. This way, everyone will have input on how the birth will Hopefully go.

Many of our Surrogates are also working with Birth coaches, or Doulas, to ensure that their birth space is protected, and that they have the support they need, once baby is handed over to his/her/their parents. A Doula is their to care for the birthing mother, ensuring she is coping well, as well as supporting the intended parents- ensuring that they are comfortable with the care that is being offered throughout the birth, and subsequent post birth time.

Below is a Birth Plan that I often suggest Intended parents, and their Surrogate use as a Starting point. It is from the perspective of a Traditional, non surrogacy birth, however when gone through, we find that surrogates are given the voice they need to share their Birth plan with the expectant parents.

A sample birth plan

Here is a sample birth plan Remember, this is just an EXAMPLE, and is not necessarily the best one for you, but it gives you an idea of the kinds of questions a doula may help you to answer in a birth plan.

Whether you

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