Surrogate Mother Poetry Published June 20, 2013 | By admin


Forever In My Heart
by Isabelle -used with permission

I gave you life, but you are not mine
Sweet little one, one day you will understand
The way you came to be
That you came from me

I felt your kicks and hiccups for 9 months
You felt my heart beating and my voice as I talked
That scar on my belly, the one that reminds me of you
Is the most perfect because it tells a story

A story of a sweet little angel
An angel that changed my life and made dreams come true
That angel is you Maya
As small as you are, you have changed the world

I have never felt a love like this before
The love of a mother to?a child
Yet so different from my own children
A bond so strong nobody could ever break

You special child
I wish I could kiss, hug and hold
But instead I just keep you in my heart
And treasure you like gold

You see little one you are not my own
Surrogacy made you be
And so surrogacy has changed me
So this bond we have will forever stay

As I handed you over to your loving father

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