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Canadian Fertility Consultants - Surrogacy Dictionary

Published March 27, 2013

Canadian Fertility Consultants- When Potential Surrogates and Intended parents come to CFC, they are often met by other Surrogates and Intended Parents who appear to be speaking a different language. Here at CFC, we have put together a Dictionary for our new clients, to ensure that they don

Canadian Fertility Consultants - Surrogate Mother Testing

Published March 27, 2013

Canadian Fertility Consultants – Once you have decided to become a surrogate mother, and are working with Intended parents, there are a number of tests that you will go through, administered by the Fertility clinic that your intended parents are working with.

Everyone involved in the surrogacy: both intended parents, the surrogate mother and her husband, as well as the ovum donor ( if one is involved) will go through some testing as part of the IVF screening.


In order to become a Gestational Surrogate, there are many criteria that must be met by all parties.

It is most important to be upfront, and honest, both with the CFC and the Fertility clinic.
We want to ensure that you all of our surrogates pass their medical screening, and that nobody is turned away due to an omission of critical information, such as the following:


-Pregnancy Health information

-Medication Use

-Number of c-sections/Miscarriages

-Post Partum Depression (not treated)

Clinic Testing

Once you are at the Fertility clinic, you will meet with the Fertility Dr, his nurse, as well as the Social Worker to have an assessment done. The clinic will not only be testing yourself/partner, but will also be there to answer all of your questions about the surrogacy process, including timelines, medications, risks involved with the process, as well as what to expect during the cycle.

What tests to expect during the Initial Clinic appt.

-Meeting with Fertility Dr. for a full medical exam, including a pap, breast exam, and medical history.

-Blood work- STD

Why Canadian Fertility Consultants is as Great as we are

Published March 26, 2013

I was asked yesterday by a client

Canadian surrogacy pioneer Leia Picard of CFC weighs in on high profile US surrogacy case.

Published March 07, 2013


Surrogate mother fled across country to give birth and save baby after parents wanted child aborted when ultrasound revealed series of disabilities. Leia Picard founder of Canadian Fertility Consultants, weighs in.

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