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Male Infertility Myths Debunked

Published June 26, 2013,0,257331.story


In this article many of the Infertility Myths, around Male infertility are debunked. This article is definitely a must-read for men struggling with infertility, or for men who are going to begin to build their families in the coming months, or years.


Surrogate and Intended Mom pregnant together

Published June 17, 2013

I came across an interesting surrogacy article this afternoon, please see link below, which talks about a mother who is pregnant, and currently her surrogate is also pregnant. What I love about this story, is I know three surrogate friends who have had similar journeys.

I loved watching one of these girls locally go through her journey, and hearing how her intended mother was faring back home. It added a whole new dimension to her journey, and my own thoughts on whether I could do a double transfer for intended parents. One of my other friends’ situation played out a bit differently, she went through the embryo transfer for her intended parents, and then the mother became pregnant herself..which was thrilling and exciting for all sides. Have you been involved in a similar situation, as a surrogate or intended parent?

Make IVF Funding a reality in Alberta!

Published June 14, 2013


We would like to help support The Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund in the petition to help fund IVF. Please read a bit about them below, visit their site and help support IVF!
The Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund was conceived in 2005 as an initiative of the Regional Fertility Program, Calgary. The primary objective of the Fund is to help patients of the Regional fertility program in Calgary who wish to conceive a child, but who are facing fertility challenges in the pursuit of their dream, and who also face serious financial challenges that make the hope offered by assisted reproductive technology through the Regional Fertility Program – particularly In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – an unaffordable option for them.

The Surrogate Mother : Is closure really necessary? Will she change her mind? Will she bond with our baby?

Published June 07, 2013

Many clients ask us if it is a good idea to let the Surrogate Mother hold the baby once it