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Surrogate Mothers - Why My Mom is my Hero

Published July 31, 2013



Surrogate mothers – this month I asked our Surrogates to send in an essay, either that they have written, OR that their kids have written, sharing How Surrogacy has changed their life.

This first entry was written by Shannon’s daughter, who I have met on many occasions. She gets it, as you’ll see in the Essay that she wrote for us. She shares how her Mother is her Hero, and how surrogacy has changed her life.

My Mom, My Hero

Surrogate Mothers: #Surro #Sunday

Published July 28, 2013

Surrogate mothers – every Sunday we will be posting photos that our Surrogates have sent us, of moments in their journey that were pivotal. The below picture to most of the world is just a pregnancy test, but to those who are TTC, or the Surrogates who are helping them, it means something quite different. This small white, plastic stick, symbolizes HOPE!!! It means that the countless injections, pills, ultrasounds, Dr’s visits, were all worth it. Surrogate Mothers!!!

The best days for me start like this,

Phone Rings

Me: Hello

Surro : Hi Leia, I know its early, but I wanted to test, but didnt want to do it alone. Do you mind if I pee, with you on the phone??

Me: No, that’s fine

Surro: Oh my god!!!! Theres a line, a line, a line!!! It worked, it really worked!!!

Me: Of course it did, your a Rockstar Surrogate!!!

Surro: Okay, going to call the Intended Parents

Me: Tell them congrats from me

These pictures never get old, and in fact I save them as screensavers, so that on the days we dont get positive news, I can look back, and remember, that Miracles do happen, and that we need not take anything in life for granted.


Fertility Treatments Canada - Growing Eggs from Stem Cells, really??

Published July 27, 2013

Fertility Treatments Canada- In reading the below article, I had to ask myself, Is this the same as, or similar to cloning?? Is the world ready for this??

Every day I search google for news about Fertility, Surrogacy, Pregnancy, and Infertility. Lately I have been surprised by all of the articles on stem cells to help with infertility, whether by developing sperm, eggs, or healing damaged cells. How, and when will we know that we are on to something? How long will it take to bring these developments to market?

In this industry it seems that everyday there are new advances, bringing the world closer to procreation via ART (assisted reproductive technology). I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue, as I very rarely understand Science to this degree.

Growing eggs from stem cells as cure for infertility?

MONTREAL, July 25, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ – In Canada, infertility afflicts nearly 15% of couples. In 55% of infertile couples, infertility is due to causes that can be traced to the woman, while in the remaining 35% , the causes of infertility is attributed to the man. In 25% of cases, infertility is present in both partners. To overcome the problems of infertility, the team of Dr. Mitinori Saitou, University of Kyoto, Japan, studies the mechanisms of in vitro reconstruction and the development of germ cells in mammals. He has successfully shown, using mouse models, that fertilizable eggs and viable offspring can be produced from stem cells in culture. Further, he has shown that sperm can be grown in the same manner. Applyingf these findings to human medicine has the potential to revolutionize treatments for infertility in both males and females in the future. Dr Saitou will present a talk about his results on Thursday, July 25, at the 46th annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction at the Palais des congrès deMontreal.

The Dr. Saitou’s team recently established the specification and subsequent development of pluripotent stem cells?cells that can produce any kind of cell during cell division. In mice, these cells, transformed in primary stem cells, contribute to spermatogenesis and oogenesis. These experiments will serve as the foundation for the systematic analysis of germ cell development and the mechanisms of meiosis (transfer of genetic material during spermatogenesis and oogenesis), and thus will improve our understanding of the development of stem cells in mammals and humans.

Dr. Mitinori Saitou is assistant professor and head of the laboratory CBD for Mammalian Germ Cell Biology at the University of Kyoto. He specializes in germ cell specification, proliferation, and development through signaling, global transcription, as well as epigenetic dynamics.

INTERVIEWS AND ACCREDITATION: The speakers and experts present will make themselves available to discuss their research. Media wishing to schedule an interview or obtain accreditation are asked to contact Bruce D. Murphy, Ph.D., Co-Chair of the SSR Local Arrangement Committee (

About the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR)

The SSR’s purpose is to promote the study of the biological and medical aspects of fertility and reproduction by fostering interdisciplinary communication. It holds an annual conference and publishes the journal Biology of Reproduction on a monthly basis.

For more information visit

Canadian fertility Consultants - Family of the Month

Published July 19, 2013


Each Month Canadian Fertility Consultants will focus on one of the amazing families we have worked with. This Month, meet the Peck Family.

Why surrogacy?

My husband and I were ready to start a family and I had always planned on carrying children myself despite the fact that I had a C5 spinal cord injury that I sustained as a child. (I am in a wheelchair and do not have the use of my hands) I had support from my medical team to become pregnant as many other people with high level spinal cord injuries have successfully carried to term, but there was no doubt that it would be a high risk pregnancy and wouldn

Canadian Fertility Consultants - Tummy Tuesday

Published July 10, 2013


Tummy Tuesday is a regular feature at Canadian Fertility Consultants. We feature a successful surrogate story in photos here every Tuesday. Stay tuned for next week’s photo. Have you ever considered becoming a surrogate? What are you waiting for?


Canadian Fertility Consultants - GUEST ARTICLE: How a Doula Added to my Surrogacy Experience, by Angie Pruim

Published July 03, 2013


Canadian Fertility Consultants – I approached Angie to write for us on how her surrogacy was made better with her doula at her side. Many surrogates are finding that having a doula involved in their journey is a blessing in disguise and here is Angie’s story as to why.

With my first birth I went in thinking I’d have LOTS of support from my mom and partner and that I’d know everything. Well I was sure wrong. My support team was great but they just agreed with me, and did their best to support me. But I knew something was missing.

So when planning my pregnancy and birth for surrogacy I KNEW I needed to find myself some extra support. Little did I know how much support she would give my IP’s and how much it would enhance our journey.

I went to 42 weeks on the dot. I carried my surrogate baby for a LONG time (or so those 2 extra weeks felt like.) But our midwives ensured us it was totally fine. My Intended Parent’s on the other hand had lots of questions and fears about going past dates. The amazing thing about my doula was that she was there for that. She had an open texting and calling relationship with us both. It put all of our minds at ease knowing we had someone there to reassure us that everything would be ok and she had lots of answers to our questions.

When it came to the birth, I knew I wanted my IP’s involved in the process, but also knew I wouldn’t be able to answer all their questions or support them while dealing with the pains of labour myself. So that’s where my amazing doula stepped in. She made sure they were involved and got to enjoy the whole experience too.

I love that now a year and a bit later I can talk about the birth of my surrogate baby with my doula, she was there to experience it with me in all it’s glory and see how amazing it is to complete a family. And the bond her and I share over it is awesome.

I personally think all surrogates and IP’s should get a doula. It’s great to inform the IP’s and be a support for them. And the post care when IP’s leave with the baby is just icing on the cake for the surrogate.

Written and shared, with permission, by Angie Pruim

Top 5 Surrogacy Calculators

Published July 01, 2013

During my surrogacy journey there were discussions that came up over and over again with my fellow Surro Sisters. They revolved around things like our beta doubling time, due dates with IVF, and weight gain/loss, to name a few. Surrogates love calculators and there are a lot of them out there. This week’s ‘Top 5’ is the best of the best calculators that we all kept returning to during our journeys. Any pregnancy can benefit from the information provided by these favourites, though I am always on the lookout for more. What are your favourite pregnancy related calculators?


Pregnancy Weight Gain

Iron Intake

Antenatal Appointment Scheduler

IVF Pregnancy Due Date

Beta Doubling Time