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When the Fertility clinic called.........

Published February 25, 2014

phone phone call from fertility clinic

When the Fertility Clinic called……….

When the Fertility clinic called last week, I was surprised. Not that I don’t talk to clinics every day, but that it was a personal matter, that’s what shocked me.

It was a call from a Fertility clinic that I had been an egg donor at, just about three years ago. It seems that the clinic was setting up an embryo donor program, and that they had contacted the recipients, to see if they would be willing to donate their embryos. They said Yes, enough said…….or so I thought. Well, I thought wrong. This clinic not only had a policy of asking the Intended parents, but also any donors involved in creating the embryos.

As Jenn from the fertility clinic began telling me of the clinic’s policy, and how I would be able to provide an opinion as to where the embryos would go, I realized that the decision to donate was not a decision based on a six-week medical process as I had once thought, but more so a decision that would last for a lifetime. This donation was one of many that I’ve participated in, and was a wonderful, known experience. Being consulted on anything to do with the donation, post donation, was in my opinion a very sweet gesture by the Intended parents, and clinic.

It was funny though, I thought I’d have an opinion on who would receive the embryos, but I didn’t. I realized that I had said goodbye to the eggs at the time of retrieval, and that I was just happy that they weren’t going to be destroyed. Satisfied that someone else would have the opportunity to create their family, through the generosity of the recipient couple I had donated to.

I had never thought of myself as having a say, and even now a week after the clinic called to ask, I’m re evaluating the process of known donations, and even anonymous ones, as this call on a Thursday afternoon truly challenged my thinking as a Donor.

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Guest Blog post- How I shared the Pregnancy News with my Intended parents

Published February 24, 2014

The intended parents I was going to carry for had had their share of disappointments over the previous years. They had tried many different ways to have a baby, without success. As a gestational surrogate, I was their last hope.
After weeks of preparation, transfer day came and three beautiful embryos were placed in my womb, as we anxiously began the dreaded two-week wait. As hopeful as they were, IPs had gone through so many failures in the past that were very reluctant for me to use home pregnancy tests before our official blood test. They said they wanted to avoid another deception and preferred to wait for results from the lab.
But I had already bought a couple dozen pregnancy tests through a pharmaceutical supplier and intended to do some testing beforehand. I started testing four days after transfer, even though I knew it was still too early for a positive result. Ever day, I kept IPs informed of how I felt: tired, crampy, hungry… all normal side effects from the hormonal treatments, that couldn’t be trusted as pregnancy symptoms. On the morning of day 6 post-transfer, a miracle happened: as I stood on the bathroom counter and held the small test strip (ripped from it’s plastic casing) against the vanity light, I saw the faintest pink line appear. I yelled for my husband to come confirm my vision and he, too, saw the joyous second pink-line. I wanted to call my IPs so badly and share those oh-so-happy news with them, but I also wished to respect their desire to wait for official blood results. That afternoon, the intended mother called me to see how I was feeling and ask me what my plans were for the evening. I answered that I was going to the grocery store to stock up on soda crackers, so I would be ready in case I eventually got morning sickness. She giggled, but reminded me that she didn’t want to know…yet.
Day 13 came and I got the go from the fertility clinic to go get my blood drawn. As we anxiously waited for the results to come in, I emailed IPs the picture I had taken a few days ago. Minutes later, our beta results were in: 1113! IPs were ecstatic! There are no word to explain the pure joy we all felt at that moment. Beta numbers more than doubled over the next couple days and our 6-week ultrasound confirmed what we were suspecting (and hoping for): two strong heartbeats!
I delivered two healthy baby boys at 36 weeks and 2 days, finally making my IPs’ dream of having a family come true.

src= Written by Line Picard

February Surrogacy News

Published February 22, 2014


This month has been a busy one for us at CFC, for many reasons, both personally and professionally. As many of you know, my husband, Scott Swanberg has taken the lead as our Donor program manager. Scott has developed a passion for Family building, watching my Surrogacies, Egg Donations, and CFC’s ability to help so many couples. He was very excited to take on this role, when we decided it was time to reopen our program. Our Donor program is in full swing, and we are busy educating amazing young women about Egg Donation, and how their gift of Egg Donation would benefit a couple so greatly.

In our Surrogacy program, our focus has been French!!! Sylvie, our French program manager has been very busy, with many of our clients from France coming to Canada to meet with their Surrogates, or coming to meet their babies!! It’s been so fantastic to have Sylvie onboard to work with our clients, in their native tongue. Currently CFC is Canada’s only Surrogacy consulting firm that has a Full time French program manager.

On February 4th, at 10:45 pm, Scott, and I welcomed our Little girl Laura into the world, after what felt like a very long nine months. She has been a great addition to our Lives, and we feel truly blessed every day that we are able to spend with her. CFC is of course a family friendly office, and so Laura is keeping us all company, while we work.

During the month, we have had Five babies born, Seven confirmed pregnancies, and Six new Surrogates join the CFC family. It has been an absolutely busy 21 days, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Surrogate Birth plan- A Birth plan for Surrogate and Expectant Parents

Published February 16, 2014


When it gets close to delivery time for our Surrogates, we often suggest putting together a Birth Plan, along with the Intended parents. This way, everyone will have input on how the birth will Hopefully go.

Many of our Surrogates are also working with Birth coaches, or Doulas, to ensure that their birth space is protected, and that they have the support they need, once baby is handed over to his/her/their parents. A Doula is their to care for the birthing mother, ensuring she is coping well, as well as supporting the intended parents- ensuring that they are comfortable with the care that is being offered throughout the birth, and subsequent post birth time.

Below is a Birth Plan that I often suggest Intended parents, and their Surrogate use as a Starting point. It is from the perspective of a Traditional, non surrogacy birth, however when gone through, we find that surrogates are given the voice they need to share their Birth plan with the expectant parents.

A sample birth plan

Here is a sample birth plan Remember, this is just an EXAMPLE, and is not necessarily the best one for you, but it gives you an idea of the kinds of questions a doula may help you to answer in a birth plan.

Whether you

Fertility Planning through Canadian Fertility Consultants

Published February 11, 2014

CFC CFC will help you with fertility planning

CFC has many services that expand beyond Surrogacy, and Egg donation, including Fertility planning. What is Fertility Planning???

Fertility Planning is spending time answering questions that will help you look at many factors influencing the way you decide to build, or add to your family. These factors may be financial, religious, timing, as well as other roadblocks that are getting in the way of your path to parenthood. Here are just a sampling of the questions that we will go through with our clients.

Fertility Plan- Self-assessment

1. Where am I/We in building my fertility plan?

2. What setbacks if any have we suffered, and have we grieved them adequately?

3. Are we parenting out fear of not having any more children, if we have kids?

4. Does my GP know about our Infertility or issues surrounding our not having a family?

5. How long have I/We been working on this plan-and does it feel as though I/We are making progress?

6. Have I/We sought the help of professions? If so who, and was it helpful? If not, are you looking for a new team of professionals?

7. Do I/We have a supportive team around me/us- spouse, friends, family? /Do they agree with how I/We are planning to build my family, or our family? Does that matter?

8. Does my/our faith support my family building plan ( If I have one)?

9. Am I aware of all of the available options to build my family?

10. How do you feel about medical intervention as apposed to a more holistic approach?

11. What are the financial parameters that I/We are working within? Do I/We have a bottom line?

12. Emotionally are we/ I ready for the possibilities to come? And what are those possibilities?

– May not have a biological link to my child

– May not carry my own child

– May not end up with a newborn

Do I have a specific timeframe in mind, and is that flexible?

What is playing in your head that is keeping you from moving forward?


If you are interested in booking a Fertility Planning assessment, we would love to book an appointment with you. Please contact our offices at 613 439 8701 or by emailing us at