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Why I was an egg donor

Published April 30, 2014


In my job as the owner of CFC, I am often asked what drives me, where I get my motivation, and more importantly, after Seven years, am I still as passionate as the day I opened CFC.

The answer today is the same as it was six years age. I started this business after being a Birth mother, after being a Mom, after being an egg donor, and after being a Surrogate. All of those unique experiences have given me the opportunity to do this job! It has always been a privilege and honour for me to share my children with the world. I know that I have the most amazing children, and that I was able to prove it, by sharing them with the world, through adoption, as well as Egg Donation.

I often wonder why the young women we work with donate. Especially women without children. Do they really know what it is they are giving away- Do they know the love of a child?? The answer has to be No, but what they do know is the Love of family, and how blessed they are to be a part of an amazing family. Is that enough???

Should donors be required to have kids of their own first??? As I think about the above questions, I start to question my own motivations as well. I am definitely a work in progress, and as I get older, and have a daughter approaching the age of many of my donors, I wonder if she will be interested in donating, and if so, how I would feel, knowing that she hasn’t had kids yet, but will be contributing to another family, before she starts her own.

Over the month of May, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I will be posting more personal blog pieces, as I look back at the various roles I’ve played, whether egg donor, surrogate, birth mom, or Mom. I hope that in sharing these stories, I am able to inspire those considering egg donation, or Surrogacy to take the plunge, or for those Intended parents waiting with open arms, to know that their is HOPE! For further information on Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Fertility consulting, please email us at OR, by calling our office at 613 439 8701

Alberta, Thanks for having us

Published April 28, 2014


CFC’s CEO Leia Picard, and Intake Worker Angie Campeau hit the road, travelling to both Edmonton, and Calgary, Alberta this past weekend. Angie, and Leia both have new babies, and so as part of living out our company culture, Families first! babies came with them, and kept them company during any and all down time that they had.

Here’s Angie’s post about their trip!

What a whirlwind of a trip that we just had

During our Alberta trip we were able to visit past, present and hopeful Intended parents, current, and hopeful surrogates too. We jam packed so much fun into two days. It was a blast!

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