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Montreal Surrogacy Conference 2014

Published June 29, 2014

montreal montreal surrogacy quebec surrogacy

This weekend, CFC’s staff packed up and headed East. Angie Campeau, and her family travelled from London, Ontario, while Stephanie Sluys, Sylvie Beaulieu and I jumped on the train in Cobourg.

We had planned a conference in Montreal several months ago, hosting lawyers from Quebec, Ontario, as wells presentations from Intended parents, and our own Angie Campeau, sharing her experience as a Gestational carrier.

As we were planning the conference, we received great news from Doreen Brown. She called to tell me that she had one her court challenge, which meant that Surrogacy was now possible in Quebec. For us at CFC, with 20% of our current roster of clients being from Montreal, this was amazing news!!! Now intended parents would have the opportunity to have a surrogate located close to them. For many of our clients, they are currently travelling a minimum of two hours to attend Dr’s appointments, ultrasounds, and of course the birth. This will mean so very much to those who are wanting a close relationship with their carrier.

Doreen Brown shared this great news with the audience, talking about how long this case was in the making, and what this win means for third party reproductive technology in Quebec.

There were many take aways for me at this event, from hearing the intended parents share their stories, to listening to the lawyers from both Quebec, and Ontario talk about the complexities of the process, but for me it was these two simple words that really stuck out- Femme Porteuse.

Femme Porteuse simply means this: Woman carrier, as opposed to Surrogate Mother. Doreen Brown explained that by legal definition, a woman who delivers a child is not necessarily the mother of that child, and that the intended Mother, is in fact the mother of the child. This stuck with me for many reasons. One, because as a mother I identify with the word Mother, however having been a gestational carrier, I can disconnect from the term mother in those instances. Im wonder what’s next in terms of language around Surrogacy?? It went from birth mother, to surrogate, to gestational carrier, and from mere porteuse to femme porteuse. What does this mean for our two dad families? Is it easier for them to identify with a Carrier, as the mother of their child, or the egg donor, as the mother ?

I imagine this next week will be full of lots of office chatter on this, as we figure out what makes most sense in terms of language around this- We want to ensure that we are respectful of all participating in this process, always.

CFC will be hosting several conferences this Summer, and we look forward to meeting you there!

For further information on upcoming conferences, or to schedule a free consultation, please email us at OR by calling 613 439 8701.

Montreal Surrogacy

Why World Pride matters to Canadian Surrogacy

Published June 25, 2014

Canadian Canadian Surrogacy

This week Toronto has been taken over by World Pride. It’s been a busy week, full of concerts, shows, and Canada showcasing it’s AWESOMENESS!!!

What does World Pride have to do with Surrogacy?? Everything- It still shocks us that in the majority of countries across the globe, Gay marriage is outlawed, as is Surrogacy for those in Same sex unions. To us, that just seems insane, as close to 20 percent of our clients are those in same sex partnerships- either women looking for fertility clinics, or men looking for Gestational carriers, egg donors, and fertility clinics.

World Pride is such an opportunity for Canadian fertility clinics, Surrogacy consultants, as well as others in the field to showcase our Family friendly laws, great stats, and general awesomeness.

This week we have had many new clients approach us with curiosity, unsure if CFC would be willing to work with them, being from abroad, and being Gay. Our answer is Absolutely Yes!!! We have found great LGBQT friendly clinics, as well as legal professionals that we refer to, ensuring that all parties are respected, and treated with the utmost care.

What’s an LGBQT friendly Clinic:

When we are looking for clinics for any of our clients, it is vitally important that they don’t impose restrictions such as sperm quarantines, or have outdated paperwork that doesn’t respect 2 male/2 female patients. This is so important to us as an organization, and we are constantly working with clinics on how to improve delivery of service. We are also only working with clinics who support our mandate of patient centered care(all patients being treated equally, no matter what)

In Canada, we are so fortunate to be able to help, and support clients from around the globe through our various programs, and are grateful to all of the professionals we work with, sharing the same fundamental core values, that people becoming parents IS the priority, not religion, race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

CFC Thanks all of our partners, who have continued to help CFC stay Canada’s number one Fertility Consulting program.

For more information on CFC’s programs, and services, please call our office 613 439 8701, or email us at


Thinking about Surrogacy- Questions to Consider?

Published June 24, 2014

intended intended parents – top 10 questions

Top 10 Questions to ask yourself if you are considering Surrogacy

We often suggest that Intended parents ask themselves these 10 Questions, before pursuing a Gestational Surrogacy.

  1. Have you found a fertility clinic to help you with your Surrogacy, if so have they medically cleared you to proceed?
  2. Who will represent you legally- Has your agency/consultant suggested interviewing more than one lawyer?
  3. Is this the right timing for you, your spouse. Is your partnership/marriage in a good place?
  4. Will you ask a family member, or friend, or work with an agency?
  5. Have you looked into the financial costs associated with Surrogacy? Is it something you can manage?
  6. What are your expectations on Selective reduction/termination for medical abnormalities?
  7. How involved do you want to be during the process? Going to Dr.’s Appointments, ultrasounds, or getting together throughout the pregnancy?
  8. How do you feel about your Surrogate being public about the journey- Use of Social media, facebook, and other sites?
  9. What are your criteria for a Surrogate- location, age, number of kids, single/married?
  10. If your eggs/sperm aren’t healthy- would you consider using an egg or sperm donor?

For further Questions on the Surrogacy process, and things to consider, please email our office 613 439 8701, OR email us at . Our staff would be more than happy to set up a time to meet with you to discuss how asking yourselves these questions will help you, in finding the RIGHT Surrogate.

Empowering yes, Nerve racking yes!!!

Published June 16, 2014

CFC CFC staff Leia and Angie visit 4thtrimester Bodies

Yesterday Angie, and I met up in Toronto for an afternoon that we were both very excited about, but both for different reasons, very nervous about. We were going to take part in . They are an amazing organization that are on a Worldwide tour

How to choose a Fertility Doctor

Published June 13, 2014


How to Choose A Fertility Doctor

A large part of our daily routine at CFC is discussing Fertility Doctors with our clients- What you should be looking for, and how Fertility is different for everyone, and that you want to interview, and most importantly advocate for yourself throughout this most important process of selecting an Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Factors to Consider

The following are some important factors to consider when searching for your fertility doctor or service:

  • ? Success/pregnancy rates
  • ? Qualifications and experience of personnel
  • ? Types of patients being treated
  • ? Support services available
  • ? Cost
  • ? Convenience-Location
  • ? Recommendations & Reputation

Success Rates

To further your research, the success rates of reproductive clinics are available at the following links:

?Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

?Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)

It is important to note that these numbers are two to three years old and can sometimes be reported differently by different centers, so these figures should not be the only factor that you consider.

Sample Questions

The following are sample questions that may help you make an informed decision:

General Questions:

? What procedures do you offer?

? How much experience do you have in these procedures and what are your success rates?

? What are your criteria for seeing patients (e.g. waiting list, age limits, single vs. married, etc.)?

? What screening tests are required?

? What is the time commitment?

? Does the program meet and follow ASRM guidelines?

? Does the program report its results to the SART Registry and the CDC?

? Is the program a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology?

? How many physicians will be involved in my care?

? Are your physicians board certified in reproductive endocrinology and in good medical standing?

? What types of counseling and support services are available?

? Do you have an outline of the costs of the tests and procedures I may need?

? What are your available payment options?

? Is staff accessible to answer questions about treatment, forms, or payment?

? Do you accept insurance?

? What are the on-going storage costs of tissues (sperm, eggs, etc.)?

Surrogacy Specific Questions:

? What are your requirements/screening regarding surrogates? ie, Number of pregnancies, number of c-sections, BMI, etc.

? Are you open to using a protocol that an experienced surrogate has previously used (at another clinic), do you require medical records from pervious deliveries? If so, at what point?

? Do you require surrogate (experienced) to travel to you for screening?

? Will you accept previous psychological assessments

We hope that you will use this list as a guide when searching for a Fertility clinic. Our office is of course available to help you with any research you may want to do as well. CFC’s personal referral service will get right to work for you- Setting up appointments with various fertility clinics on your behalf. For further information on CFC’s programs, and services, please feel fre to email us at OR by calling us at 613 439 8701.