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"How to choose an Egg Donor"

Published October 15, 2014

Canadian EggHelpers

Choosing the Right Egg Donor

Choosing the right Egg Donor to partner with to build your family is such a huge decision, and at Egg Helpers, we want to help you select the best donor possible.

There are many considerations to take into account when reviewing donor profiles, and making your selection. At Egg Helpers, we strive to make the process a simple one, by providing accurate, and update information on all aspects of the journey, from finding the clinic with the highest success rates, to selecting the best donor for you.

Should I Choose a Known, or Anonymous Donor?- This is a very personal decision, and we honour and respect whatever you decide. We can provide reading materials, studies, and even referrals to clients of Egg Helpers who have either gone the known or anonymous route. At Egg Helpers, you can choose to partner with a

A New Chapter Begins

Published October 10, 2014

Canadian EggHelpers


As I sit here in EggHelpers Head office, at a desk that is fairly empty, it’s becoming clear to me that the day is finally here. It Moving Day!!!

Over the past year, I have been planning this move, planning our expansion to BC, in order to better serve our clients on the West Coast. It was a difficult decision, as over the past five years EggHelpres has grown roots in Ontario, this is where we grew!

Our new office is located on Vancouver Island, in beautiful Parksville. Scott, and I are so excited to be moving home, and to be welcoming Sarrie to the CFC, and EggHelpers team. Sarrie will be our West Coast Egg Donor and Surrogacy program assistant, and will be available to answer all of your questions regarding the Surrogacy and Egg Donor process, whether you are an Intended parent, Surrogate, or Egg Donor.

Scott and I are very excited to again call BC home, and look forward to developing new relationships with clinics out west. Currently 40% of our Surrogates live out West, and with that being said, 80% of our clients are using Fertility clinics in the US, or Ontario. We are hopeful that with this move, we will be able to open new doors for our clients, so that a more local option is available to them.

If you are a BC Surrogate, or Intended parent, past or present, we’d love to connect with you again, or have a coffee for the first time to share our programs, and services, OR just to catch up.

For more information on Canadian Fertility Consulting, please contact us by email at OR by calling our offices at 613 439 8701. Your call will then be transferred to our BC office.

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