A Beautiful Journey
Egg Helpers Client Testimonial

Scott, here is our updated family portrait for you. We wanted to again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us build the family we had dreamed of for so long. We also wanted to share our story with others so that they will know that their dreams can also become reality, please feel free to use our story on your website.

When my husband and I found out that we would not be able to have a family in the traditional way, we were devestated to say the least as we had both wanted children and to build a loving family. When we started to research other methods such as adoption, surrogacy and IVF we felt so overwhelmed and we desperately needed someone to help us understand all of the options available to us and to also explain the risks. We contacted several “Agencies” and were very disapointed by the high presure sales tactics and the obvious attempt by many agencies to steer us towards the most costly solutions. We had at this point spent about 1 year researching alternative methods to build the family we wanted so badly, we were both feeling down and considered giving up at least temporarily. The next morning we got an email from a couple that had a very similar story to ours, they gave us the contact information for a Canadian company and told us that we should at least give them a call. My husband and I talked it over and decided to try one more time, we were however a little worried that the company was in Canada since we lived in California.

We called the next day and spoke with Leia Picard, the owner of Canadian Fertility Consultants. We spent about an hour on the phone with her and for the first time since we had started this journey, we felt that someone was really listening to us and wanted to help. Leia wanted to send us some information on all of the different options available to us and asked us to write down any questions, comments or concerns that we had as we read over the material. She asked us to either call or email her after we had finished going over the information and that we would setup a call so she could answer any questions or concerns that we had. Our second call with Leia must have lasted 2 hours and we covered a lot of ground, we were very anxious to get moving on building our family but Leia reminded us to be patient as this was one of the most important decisions we would ever make and that the entire consultation process was free of charge and came with no obligation at all. We probably had 5 or 6 more calls with Leia over the next week as more questions came to light as we came closer to making the final decision.

I still remember clearly the day we called Leia and told her that we were ready to move forward, the combination of relief and excitement was exhilarating. Leia, told us that she would put together a final proposal that would include the timeframe and all of the costs involved. Leia also explained to us that she would be handling all of the details for us and would act as a single point of contact for all involved, this would include medical, legal and any other services we required. When we got the complete proposal back from Leia we were both very impressed with the attention to detail and also included a fixed price guarantee, this meant we wouldnt be hit with unexpected costs, this really took a lot of stress off of us as we had read about many agencies that would start adding extra costs along the way. Leia, stressed to us that this should be a very special time for us and that our job was to enjoy the experience while Leia and her staff handled all of the details. This was by far the biggest decision my husband and I ever had to make, and we are so grateful that we found Leia and her company. The entire experience from the first phone call was amazing and was the best decision that we have ever made, in fact we were so pleased that when we wanted to have a second child our first call was to Leia and Canadian Fertility Consultants.

I wrote this letter so that other intended parents could hear our story and our wonderful experience with Leia and her entire staff. My husband and I have since recommended Leia to many others and we would recommend them highly to any couple wanting to build a family.


John & Linda Shelton