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At Egg Helpers, we are passionate and driven to help others reach their goals of becoming parents, or expanding their families. We are dedicated to helping you find the right donor to become your Egg Helper. We will provide you with high level service, professionalism and the respect that you deserve to make your family building experience a positive one.

Our global expertise sets us above the rest and gives us the understanding and knowledge to work closely with your fertility clinic anywhere in the world; Egg Helpers is here for you.

When clients first experience infertility they are also faced with equally difficult decisions, overwhelming choices and lengthy, expensive procedures. Egg Helpers partners with clients, wherever located, to build a custom plan and team of experts to address their unique requirements and cared for considerately throughout the process from start to finish. Egg Helpers also utilizes knowledge from Legal professionals to make certain each plan is carried out respecting the current legal framework both domestically and abroad. We want to ensure this already difficult journey progresses as smoothly, respectfully and as stress free as possible.

With offices in Ontario and British Columbia (BC), we cover egg donation in Canada. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

“EggHelpers is proud to have helped so many mothers and fathers
build families through egg donation, and helping them reduce the stress of navigating
the regulations in Canada. Here is what a few Happy parents have had to say...”

A Beautiful Journey

Leia, here is our updated family portrait for you. We wanted to again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us build the family we had dreamed of for so long. We also wanted to share our story with others so that they will know that their dreams can also become reality, please feel free to use our story on your website.

A Family Remembers

Leia, here is the new family portrait I promised you, can you believe how much they have grown. We are really looking forward to seeing you this summer when we are up in Canada. I have written something below to put on your website, to tell the world what you have meant to us.

Thank You For Our Miracle

Leia, words really cannot express our gratitude to you and your support team at Canadian Fertility Consultants. We were almost ready to give up on our dream of building a family and then you came into our life and helped make our dream a reality.

Thank You From Neil Family

Thank you so much for helping and supporting us through this process Leia. We are so thankful we found someone that really listened to our concerns and took the time to understand our needs.