Canadian Fertility Consultants – Egg Donation, How will I know??

Nov 12, 2013
Egg Donors

Egg donation in Canada is a viable option for Canadians struggling with infertility

Canadian Fertility Consultants - As many of our clients know, I have been an egg donor several times, and am often asked by clients, friends, colleagues, "How will I know who these children become", "What if they become sick, and need bone marrow, blood transfusions, or other treatment best provided from a genetic family member?"

For every egg donor who is open about the fact that they were an egg donor, I am sure the answer is different- as we all process things differently, and depending on the situation, we as donors may have known, semi known, or anonymous donations.

In becoming a donor, I did a lot of research, wanting to ensure that I had answered all of the "what if's", not only for myself, but for my children also.  I have always been open with my kids about my egg donations, and wanted to be able to answer their "what if's" as well.

In my research, I came across an amazing site, This site is essentially a database where a donor, or a parent of donor conceived child can anonymously connect.  As a donor I decided that I would register on this site, and also would put in the legal agreement I have with intended parents of anonymous cycles, this information, in case they too would later want answers to their, or their children's "what ifs".

As a donor, three of my donations were known, and three anonymous.  I am still somewhat in contact  with the intended parents of the known ones, however for the anonymous donations, of the three, one intended parent has contacted me through the site It was important for Mom to meet me, as her daughter was growing up, and she was starting to have questions.  It was great to meet her, and her daughter- who looked just like my girls. I was so pleased to know that Mom felt comfortable asking me questions, and that I knew if my kids also had these questions, I would be able to connect back with her to ask, along with the other families I had helped through my donations.

Having been a donor was such an indescribable, amazing experience. Knowing that I was able to prove to the world that I truly have the most amazing kids, and, sharing that gift with others was my way to prove it!!!

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