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Egg Helpers provides services to clients worldwide, expertly guiding Egg Donors and Future Parents through the process of assisted reproduction. We eliminate women who have medical and social histories that make them unacceptable and seek healthy women whose families do not have genetic problems that could be passed on to a child.

The professional team at Egg Helpers is committed to our Future Parents throughout the decision-making and treatment process.

Our donors are women who are creative, bright, giving and well educated. They are motivated by a desire to help couples in their quest for parenthood.

Through a careful selection process donor candidates are required to provide personal and family history by completing our detailed questionnaire. This information, along with photographs of the donor, is provided to the Future Parents to help them in making a donor selection.

Donor assistance gives women the highest chance of becoming a parent over all other infertility treatment. Egg Helpers is excited about helping in such a vital way.

Complete the Future Parent Registration Form to be given a password to view donor profiles. Donor profiles will be added at a future date, with a user login/password page.

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