Egg Donation. A guest post.

May 09, 2014
Egg Donors

Becoming an Egg Donor has turned out to be one of the greatest ideas I ever had. My donation is open so me and the Intended Mom have been talking everyday, through the cycle, we are sharing stories, laughs and tears. She is the first person I text or call when I leave the clinic and have results.

Much like when I was involved in surrogacy I am always in a panic that something might go wrong, But everything has moved forward at a nice pace and has come together perfectly. Not once have I had any negative thoughts or doubts. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. My kids are so excited to have a donor baby in the world. My 12 year old does my injections with some support and even came to a ultrasound and met the team. For us this baby is like a cousin or distant relative...that's how we plan too acknowledge the bond and connection we will all have while still keeping the distances and allowing their new family to grow. Of course we share DNA.  Not once have I felt like I was giving a baby or child away. I am really just supporting a family to bring a person that is a little bit like us into the world.

The feelings that come up when creating families this way is unexplainable. How blessed are we to be born in a day and age where I as a women can give something so sacred, miraculous and deep in my body to someone else...and to know that my intended parents get to experience everything from positive pregnancy tests and the first time they find that heartbeat... all the way to birth and that moment that your baby is placed on your chest. I am so proud that I am the reason she gets to be a Mom, and experience some of the same moments that many of us take for granted everyday. I can't imagine my life with out my children.

Tonight when I tucked them in to bed
I held them longer, I kissed the top of their heads and smelt their sweet strawberry shampoo. I stood in the door way for a few more minutes. I even let the bathroom light stay on and left the door open a little wider so they didn't have to worry about the monsters under the bed tonight. I just wanted to take it all in and be thankful that these babies came so easily to me. That I didn't need a little bit of another mommy to make me a mommy. I am glad to know that if I ever did...there could be a women like me willing to help.

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