Jun 14, 2018
Egg Donors

Why did you decided to be an egg donor?

One day I was going through some news articles when I came across one that was written about a couple who was having fertility issues. I immediately felt compassion for them, and couldn't imagine what they were going through. I've grown up in an extremely large family who are all extremely close to one another. That's when I began doing more research on the struggles that people go through with fertility, and created a desire in my life to give a gift of family to a couple who couldn't achieve it on their own.

What was the experience like?

Surprising the experience came across as simple, quick and easy. I did a lot of research on different places to do an egg donation, when I came across Egg Helpers and immediately fell in love with the people I talked to and worked with through the process. They were so helpful, and answered questions I wasn't even sure how to ask. They put you in the right direction, and made me feel confident and relaxed about the process. Another huge help for the entire experience was how supportive my family and friends were with my decision on helping a deserving couple receive the most beautiful and magical gift of all, a family.

How did you feel before going into the process?

Although Egg Helpers helped keep me relaxed and prepared me for the process, I was very nervous going into it, but also extremely excited to be able to help build a family. The biggest thing was that I was anonymous, I didn't know who my eggs were going to, so being a curious mind, I wanted to know more about the intended parents, what they were like. However, it did make me feel better just thinking that I am giving a gift to them, and knowing that, is everything I need to fulfill myself and my desires.

How did you feel after?

After everything I was so grateful, and appreciative to have been given the opportunity to give a couple a family, because personally I know that the most amazing thing in the entire world is to have that bond. I am also extremely glad that I found a company who supported my passion and needs to help give this gift, and Egg Helpers was wonderful throughout the whole process.

What was your retrieval like?

My retrieval only took approximately 15 minutes, although it felt so much shorter. As mentioned I had a lot of support from my friends and family which meant the world to me. My mom actually came with me and held my hand during the process. Once it was done, my mom had given me the biggest most heartwarming hug, and that's when I knew that giving the opportunity to allow another person to give their child a hug like that one day, was the most overwhelming emotionally beautiful moment of my life.

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