My experience as an Egg Donor.....Part 2

Jul 09, 2014
Egg Donors

I woke up the following day, and got super busy with cooking, and re cooking breakfast twice, after it made its way from the table to the floor- magically, as of course nobody would fess up to the spills.  By noon I was exhausted, as I snuggled into the lazy boy, and flipped on the TV, the phone rang, of course.  So as I went to grab the phone, Im sure I trampled over 5 legos, and a thumbtack, and after all that, I missed it.

I waited for the message to record, and then checked the voice mail.  So, as I get to the most recent message I realize the voice on the other end, but not sure how..........Oh yeah, it was her.  The Donor lady, her name, her name, oh yeah, her name, no escapes me, oh well, it was her, asking me to travel to California to meet with the Dr who will assess my suitability for Donating.  California, seriously........eek!!!!

As my excitement built, it quickly fell, the kids??  What would I do with the kids??  Who would watch them?? Would I take them??  No, of course not, a night alone in a hotel, just thinking about it was relaxing.  Okay, so kids.  I decided to call my Mother to see if she could keep the kids, before I called the agency back, and commited to going.

ME  "Mom, can you take the kids for me next week, for a few days?"

MOM "Why hun, is everything okay?"

ME "Yes, its all good, just a thing in California, no biggie, and please dont ask anything more, I dont want to talk about it"

MOM  "Okay, I'd love to watch the kids"

How did that happen, my Mom always asks Questions, but Im not going to worry about it, Im just going to be excited that she isnt this time.

Fast forward-  I drop the kids off, and head to the airport.  Im so nervous, my DC (Donor coordinator) had arranged everything from the flight, the hotel, a car service, and sent me money for incidentals while I was there, which was a huge help, as only had 37.26 in my checking account at that moment.

I arrived at the Hotel, checked in, and flopped onto the bed, excited I had a couple of hours before the appointment.  No luck, a knock on the door.  It was the DC, she wanted to take me for lunch, and hang out before the appointment, really???  I hadnt even shaved my legs yet, or anything else for that matter...ugh!!!!  Well I felt it more important to impress the Dr, so I asked DC to hang out while I had a quick shower.  That was the longest "Quick shower" of life.  DC didnt mind.  She was one of those perky, California blondes who just loves everything, and everyone.  QUite a change from the majority of my friends- single Moms who are pesimistic, man haters.

So, showered, and ready to go.  We headed out to lunch near the clinic.  It was a great lunch where we chatted about the process of Donation.  DC had donated several times, and seemed to answer all of my questions.  I didnt realize until we sat down, the number of questions I had.

After lunch, we headed to the clinic.  The appointment was scheduled for 1:30pm, and it was to consist of psychological testing, personality inventories, and blood work, ultrasound, and meeting with the Dr.  As I sat down at the clinic, it started to hit me, this was real.  As I looked around the waiting room, pictures of babies, pregnant women, and lots of dippy phrases, HOPE, LOVE, FAMILY, that type of thing.  In any event it was happening, and it was real.

M,  M, is there an M Smith here????  That's me I answered as I stood up.  Not realizing my leg had fallen asleep, and  I nearly crumpled to the floor, the psychologist came to introduce herself.........great first impression Im sure, but in any event, she smiled, so I did also.

This month we will be chronicling M's journey to becoming a donor.

For more information on either known or anonymous Donations through CFC< please call our office at 613 439 8701, or email us at

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