My experience as an Egg Donor.........part 3

Jul 15, 2014
Egg Donors

As we sat down in the psychologists office, I started to plan in my head, what I was going to say. What should I say, what shouldn't I say??  Would she ask about the abortion I had in college, had I listed it on my application, what had I listed on my application??  oh, no, panic was starting to set in, and that's when it happened, She started asking me questions, and not one at a time, but more compounding the questions, one on top of each other.

"So, M tell me what you know about egg donation"?  "Tell me how old your kids are", "Why is now a good time for you to donate".  Then a miracle happened, she stopped talking.  She realized what had happened, and apologized for her over talking, and admitted she had a very rushed morning with her triplets, yes, triplets, and as I found out through our meeting, they were conceived via an egg donor and surrogate.

We had a great talk. I really learned a lot about the process, what I could expect emotionally, how to find support within my circle, and of course the long term effects of such a decision- on my kids, and extended family.  It was a great talk, one in which I learned so much, and thankfully didn't leave feeling analyzed, or judged.

Next, I met with the nurse coordinator to discuss the timeline, and medical process, and then moved on to meeting the Dr for the ultrasounds, and other medical tests.  I was amazed at how well run this clinic was, not what I was used to in Canada's "free for all" social medical system.  Three hours being a short wait at an after hours clinic in my small home town.

My appointment finished up meeting with the Dr, the nurse, and the donor coordinator from the agency to discuss their findings, and moving on to the next step.

"M, we think you will be a great donor, and we hope that you will consider working with us as a donor.  Please take some time to consider the information you have received, and whether or not this would be a fit for you"

Before I could jump at the chance to say Yes, of course I'll take another trip to California, sleep in an amazing hotel bed, and make someone's dreams come true, the phone started ringing in my purse.  I answered, as I saw it was my Mom, and she of course wouldn't call unless it was urgent.  I answered, Mom, is everything okay.

As mom Mom started to speak, the room started to spin.  "M, there's been an accident, we are okay but Jase has a broken arm, and needs to stay in hospital for a few days."

I quickly told everyone what was going on, and that I needed to get to the airport to head home for Jase, I would call them to let them know of my decision.

Stay tuned for what happens next to M, as she navigates the process of becoming an Egg Donor in the US.

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