My experience as an Egg Donor

Jul 03, 2014
Egg Donors

It was an advertisement on a Mom's blog that caught my eye.  It said- Make a Difference, Become a Donor.  I clicked the link, having No idea what it was about.  I was soon taken to a shiny site, with pictures of couples, and sad stories about why they needed the help of a donor.

I decided to fill out the application, and upload some pictures.  I don't know how, but it felt like an impulse purchase, one that I was very unsure about, but never the less I hit SUBMIT, and went on about my evening.

A few days passed, and I had all but forgotten about the application when my cell phone rang.  It was the donor agency, oh shit!!!  My kids were killing each other in the background, their dinner was burning, it was definitely one of those nights- you know the ones that happen everyday between 6-830 pm, yep, definitely one of those nights.

I immediately locked myself in the bathroom, and of course started to tidy myself up, as though this woman was standing in front of me.  I mean surely she didn't want a slob with dirty hands, or unkempt hair to be in her pool of donors.  As I was pulling my hair back off my face, into a tidy bun, I realized that I was crazy, that I had officially lost my marbles!!!  What was I even considering???  I could still hear my boys screaming at each other, while jumping off of furniture.  Would anyone want these genes???

It was at that moment that I noticed the pj's flung over the laundry hamper, and the sticker chart by the potty, and the toys that cluttered our very small bathroom, and in that moment I realized how amazing kids were, and that I couldn't imagine life without them.  As my mind wandered, the woman on the other end of the phone was rambling on about their service, and how they take great care of their donors, but it didn't matter, well it did matter, but in that moment it didn't.

I was ready-  I was going to be an Egg Donor....................

During this month, we will chronicle M's story of becoming a Donor.  The highs, the lows, and everything in between.

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