Future Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 18, 2019
Egg Donors

For many Future Parents, selecting their potential egg donor is the first step along the path of surrogacy. Egg Helpers understands how exciting this decision can be, but also how important it is for Future Parents to feel like they are making the best possible choice of donor. In order to help you feel more comfortable, we've gathered some frequently asked questions to ensure you're properly informed about the egg donation process.

How do I find a donor that matches my traits?

Egg Helpers understand that ethnicity, body time and lifestyle all play an important role in the donor selection process. We select donors from a variety of backgrounds in order to match the specific traits you are looking for.

How are donors selected by Egg Helpers?

All of the donors in the Egg Helpers database have undergone preliminarily medical and psychological screening. Full bloodwork is done, which includes genetic testing and screening for any infectious diseases. The donor will require a new patient appointment with your chosen physician to ensure they are a good candidate for egg donation. Occasionally, some donors decide not to move forward after this appointment based on the in-depth explanation of the medical process. It's also possible that your physician may suggest she not move forward based on the results of her physical examination. In this case, Egg Helpers will work with you to find a new donor who fits your criteria. There is no additional cost if this were to occur, and your file will be escalated to "priority status" to prevent delay from affecting your timeline.

What type of information do Future Parents receive?

Donors are required to provide personal and family medical history by completing Egg Helper's questionnaire. We also ask our donors about their personalities, life goals, hobbies, and educational background. Future Parents are provided these information packages, along with photographs of the donor, in order to help them make the most informed donor decision.

What does the donor process consist of?

Donors receive complete information about the egg retrieval process and any risks or complication that could occur. Each selected donor meets with a psychologist who provides a full written report about her mental suitability for being a donor.

Will the donor understand her responsibilities?

When you select your egg donor, a contract is written and signed by both the Future Parents and the donor. This agreement delineates the donor's responsibilities and clearly states that the Future Parents receive all the eggs produced by the donor in the specified treatment cycle.


Should I have a legal agreement with my donor?

Although we complete an extensive screening process of our donors, medical concerns may arise later in the child's life that will require an exchange of information. We encourage that a legal document be drafted between the egg donor and future parents to ensure that the communication channel remains open if further information in required.

Is it possible to meet my egg donor?

If you wish to meet you egg donor before finalizing your selection, Egg Helpers will speak with your donor to see if she is comfortable with this arrangement. We will advise you of the donor's comfort level, and you gauge how you would like to move forward. In the case of an anonymous donation, this donor agreement will need to be legally changed if you change your mind. Egg Helpers is happy to facilitate which ever mode of communication you both decide upon.

What if my donor has donated before?

If your donor has previously donated at another clinic, Egg Helpers will have those records on file. We work with your physician to ensure your donor is able to continue with the donation process. The only case in which this may not apply is if a genetic marker has been discovered that may make Future Parents and their donor incompatible.

What happens if a cancellation were to occur?

By seven to eight days of stimulation medications the clinic is able to tell if a donor is not responding well. If six or less follicles are present, the clinic may advise you to cancel the cycle.

Why do women choose to donate?

Some women don't plan on becoming mothers themselves, so they wish their eggs to be of use for a couple or individual in need. Others may already have children of their own and couldn't imagine a life without the opportunity to be a parent. Primarily, women donate because they are deeply moved and motivated to help a couple fulfill their dream of parenthood.

If you have any additional concerns, Egg Helpers is here to make sure you receive the information you need. If you're interested in being introduced to your perfect match, please feel free to fill out our Future Parent Application Form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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