How to choose an Egg Donor

Oct 15, 2014
Egg Donors

Choosing the Right Egg Donor

Choosing the right Egg Donor to partner with to build your family is such a huge decision, and at Egg Helpers, we want to help you select the best donor possible.

There are many considerations to take into account when reviewing donor profiles, and making your selection. At Egg Helpers, we strive to make the process a simple one, by providing accurate, and update information on all aspects of the journey, from finding the clinic with the highest success rates, to selecting the best donor for you.

Should I Choose a Known, or Anonymous Donor?- This is a very personal decision, and we honour and respect whatever you decide. We can provide reading materials, studies, and even referrals to clients of Egg Helpers who have either gone the known or anonymous route. At Egg Helpers, you can choose to partner with a ‘known egg donor’ or an ‘anonymous egg donor.’ When choosing a known egg donor, you will have to define the involvement that you would like the egg donor to have in the child’s life. An ‘anonymous’ egg donor’s identity is never revealed to you, and a relationship is never formed.

Physical Attributes- Typically this is very important to intended parents. With a ‘known donor,’ you will be able to view photos or meet with the donor and evaluate if she is a good fit to you. If physical features are not important to you, then you have more options when searching our donor database.

Medical History- The fertility clinic which screens your chosen donor will verify, and confirm your egg donor’s medical history to ensure that she is a healthy candidate, and free from any genetic diseases.

Personality traits of the Donor- For some intended parents their donor’s personality traits are very important. If you plan on knowing your donor, you will know first hand. If you decide on an anonymous donor, Egg Helpers is happy to ask your donor questions that may provide you more insight into her personality.

Location of your clinic vs.Location of Donor- it is important to consider the location of a donor, both for cost purposes and ease of meeting the donor(if known). Our case managers will help you find the most suitable donor, based on location, and the other criteria that you have provided to us.

Getting Started with Egg Helpers- If you are interested in learning more about working with one of our amazing donors, then contact us at Egg Helpers to learn more. Our staff will abe happy to answer all of your questions about the process, and offer insights into what options are available to you. Egg donation is such an amazing family building option.

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