If I Could Tell My Donor Recipient One Thing…

Nov 19, 2018
Egg Donors

Egg Helpers is looking for outstanding women who want to help make dreams come true, through egg donation.

Our future parents are all unique, but they all have one thing in common: Their desire to become parents is great. Given this strong desire, they are all looking for potential egg donors who in some way reflect themselves: compassionate, creative, determined, and well educated.

Healthy women between the ages of 19 and 32 who are non-smokers and can provide personal and medical information, as well as family health history, are considered optimal as egg donors. Women who donate feel tremendous gratification for their involvement in this process.

During the egg donor intake process they are asked about what they would say to the person or people who will be receiving this amazing gift. Donor S said the following:

"I honour you so deeply. For your strength, and courage. For your passion of chasing after and making your greatest dreams a reality. For being vulnerable, and allowing someone else the opportunity to be a part of something so incredibly special.

My greatest wish for you is to have everything you've ever dreamed of. To fulfill that fire burning inside of you. And for you to experience the absolute joy you've always imagined.

I would be so incredibly honoured getting to walk alongside you through this journey.

Sending you all my love. ❤"

How amazing is that? Egg donation is such a beautiful process, one that gives so many amazing people the opportunity to become parents!

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