July is CFC's Official Egg Donor Month

Jul 02, 2014
Egg Donors

The month of July brings warmer weather, bonfires, kids running through sprinklers, and of course, No School!!!

For CFC, July is buzzing with excitement as we begin a Month of  our Egg Donor Awareness Campaign.  CFC recently partnered with EggHelpers to bring to market an amazing Egg Donor program, like no other in Canada.  It has been a true labour of love, and although we are still working out the bugs in our state of the art Database, we are running full steam ahead with our program.

What makes us different is that we don't have high fees.  We want reimbursements to go to the women doing the "work", and are concerned about the ethics of agencies that receive 1/2 to 3/4's of the same amount a Donor does. How is that even fair???

We also run our program Respecting the "Rules in Canada", as CFC received a comprehensive Legal opinion during its case which finished up last December.  This isn't to say that other Canadian programs don't, it's simply stating that with this opinion in place, we are!!!

As well as the above, we support all types of situations- Known, anonymous, and Semi Known donations.  Our goal is to ensure that all parties are comfortable with whatever path they take to parenthood, so we support them, and not our own agenda.  Our donors are supported, we will attend any, and all appointments with them, ensuring they are comfortable, every step of the way.

This month we will have many Guest bloggers sharing their experiences as Donors, or Donor egg recipients.  We look forward to hearing the good, the bad and the ugly about the experiences of Donors and recipients.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you, in an effort to bring awareness to the need for Donors in Canada.

For more information, please contact CFC at info@fertilityconsultants.ca, or by calling us at 613 439 8701


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