Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Jul 22, 2019
Egg Donors

As a two-time Egg Helpers donor, Lindsay's well aware of the kinds of questions donors are asked about their decision to donate. Her response to all of them is one simple and beautiful analogy.

I've completed two egg donations. They were both very different, but both were incredibly fulfilling.

I wanted to be an egg donor to help give the gift of life. I have two kids of my own and I know how beautiful being a parent is: the endless adventures and the days that are never dull. Anyone who wants to experience parenthood should have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable and that's where egg donors like me come in


With the decision to donate comes many questions behind the motivation, and the analogy I use is that egg donors provide 1 missing piece to these parent's 10,000 piece puzzle. Our eggs are the missing piece they need to complete their creation and their family.

I've also been asked "Won't you feel like it's your baby?" and my answer is no because I'm just one small piece to their big, massive, beautiful puzzle that creates their family. One tiny piece in the grand scheme of what will be another life. I won't be the one raising, growing or nurturing the baby. I will only give the Intended Parents the start they need.


Others have asked "Won't you feel sad to see a "mini" you?" and again, my answer is no because it's not my puzzle or my creation. They only need one small piece from me. They have all the other pieces in place already, they just need one more, which isn't much when they have the rest.

So, as an egg donor, while our role is vital to get to that end result; we are only one piece to their 10,000 piece puzzle.

Thank you for sharing you're incredibly story, Lindsay. We find you, and all of our Egg Helpers donor, such an inspiration of strength and generosity!

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