Who Needs Egg Donation?

Mar 18, 2021
Egg Donors

Who exactly needs egg donations, where are they being donated to? This is an easy one: lots of people! There are so many reasons and situations where people need egg donors to be able to build a family of their own.

Some of the most common reasons egg donations are so important are for people such as

  • Same sex couples.
  • Waiting until later in life to start a family.
  • Cancer or chemotherapy caused infertility.
  • Early onset menopause.
  • Born without ovaries or reproductive organs.
  • Carriers of genetic disease.

One in six couples in Canada alone suffer from infertility. this means that to have a family of their own, they have to resort to egg donation and surrogacy services.

For many, it is a very difficult, emotional, and painful journey just to create a family. Thats why egg donations are so important. That's why egg donors are so incredibly wonderful. they truly are selfless, powerful, giving individuals to give the gift so many women and potential parents just simply cant create on their own for any number of reasons.

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