Why women become Egg Donors

Dec 21, 2013
Egg Donors

CFC works with many couples, who require an Egg Donor to build their family.  Infertile couples who choose to use an egg donor have often exhausted many other fertility treatments through the years. They are either hoping to carry themselves, or alternately will be using a donor, and a Gestational surrogate to finally achieve parenthood.  If you were to become an egg donor, you would give a couple/person the chance to finally achieve their dream of parenthood. You will be giving the gift of life.

The decision to become an egg donor should not be made without a great deal of thought. It is essential for you to be truthful, both to yourself and the fertility clinic, about your motivation to become an egg donor. If you do not anticipate the strong emotions that can result from egg donation, you may find yourself regretting your decision later.

The  majority of women who donate their eggs do so to ease the struggle of couples who are infertile due to ovarian failure, cancer treatments, or to gay couples who will be using a Gestational surrogate to finally become parents.  Many of these young women have a close friend or family member who has experienced infertility and wish to help another couple going through the same emotionally challenging experience.

When you become an egg donor, you will be reimbursed for your expenses associated with the appointments, and  process. The nurses at the fertility clinic realize that during the egg donation process, your priorities will need to revolve around doctor's appointments and medications for several weeks, and they will all do their best to accommodate your schedule.

If you have wanted to become an egg donor, but would like to find out more about the requirements, please contact our office to request an information packet. The ongoing success of our egg donation program relies on the generosity of women like you.

What donors have said about their Donor Experience: "Knowing that I helped a couple achieve a pregnancy is the greatest gift, I'm so proud of this accomplishment"

"I have proven that my children are the greatest, by sharing this gift with the world. Why wouldn't I want someone else to have children as amazing as mine"

"While doing my Masters in Biology, I became fascinated with the science of reproductive technology, after learning about it in a class I took.  Becoming a donor was not only fulfilling emotionally, but also amazing from a scientific perspective"

To contact us for further information, please email us at info@fertilityconsultants.ca Or by calling our office at 613-439-8701

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