Your top 5 questions about egg donation.

Mar 24, 2022
Egg Donors

Today egg donation allows thousands of individuals the opportunity to become a parent.

Here we are going to answer 5 of the most common questions we get about egg donation.

Can anyone donate their eggs?

As wonderful as it would be to have anyone donate their eggs there are some requirements. These requirements are there to ensure it is safe to donate. They also help to obtain the highest quality eggs for the recipient family. To become an egg donor, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 19 and 32
  • Not use recreational drugs
  • No history of genetically transmitted diseases within the past year
  • Be healthy and a non-smoker
  • Meet the required BMI
  • Be committed to being an egg donor

To see if you qualify, take our egg donor quiz.

As an egg donor do I have the legal rights to the child that is born?

Egg donation agencies have contracts to clarify all parties are on the same page. A donor agreement is needed to protect the parties entering a donor agreement to set out the rights of the recipient and establish rights of the donation in the present and in the future. The legal process is all done under the supervision of a fertility lawyer. They will ensure you are well informed of all aspects of the donation process.

How much will the donation cost me?

As a donor, you are reimbursed up to $5000+ for expenses related to the donation. This includes travel, loss of wages, medications and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Will I meet the recipient family?

There are two kinds of egg donations. Anonymous, where parts of your application are shown to the recipients. Such as your features and traits. All while your identity stays anonymous. Then there is known donation, where you can decide the amount of contact you and your recipient are comfortable with. Our intake team is here to speak with you about what type of donation will be right for you.

Who needs an egg donation?

Who exactly needs an egg donation? The easy answer is many people. Including those with health conditions in the past or present, same-sex couples, and single individuals looking to start a family. For more information check out one of our other blogs specifically on “who needs egg donation,”

At the end of the day, egg donation is a wonderful and invaluable gift. All of us at Canadian Fertility Consulting and Egg Helpers strive to make your donation journey a memorable and exceptional one.

Apply today with Egg Helpers to help make deserving people's dreams come true.  

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