Who We Are

scott swanberg
Scott Swanberg CEO

His role as a Dad to four kids, ranging in age from 1 to 24 years of age, is where his passion comes from. Having a family is so important to him, and his wish for all EggHelper’s clients is that they are able to experience all that parenthood has to offer.

His background in the medical industry started over twenty years ago, and his passion has now brought him to head up EggHelpers. Scott’s wife has been a Gestational Surrogate many times as well as an egg donor several times; Scott’s professional, and personal experiences in the fertility world will be front of mind, as he guides you through this highly emotional time.


Stacey Hull Account Manager

Stacey comes to Egg Helpers, with a background in Accounting and Human resource management.

Stacey has a deep understanding of what is involved in the process, office administration and accounting, having spent seven years as a scheduling coordinator and an accounts receivables manager for a busy physiotherapy clinic. Stacey has always had a passion for helping others – making the transition to EggHelpers seamless.

Kate Donovan

Kate started with EggHelpers to manage the co-ordination of our egg donors. Her role includes patient education, booking Doctors appointments, travel arrangements and providing support and assistance to our donors throughout the entire process. Kate is always checking in with donors ensuring their needs are being met, and that they have everything they need in order to be successful throughout this process.

Vicky Robert French Program Manager

Vicky has joined EggHelpers and has quickly become a fantastic resource to our French Clients. Having come from an administrative and counseling background and having provided counseling for the LGBT community, she has developed an amazing amount of empathy and the ability to support clients going through challenging times. She is eager to take on many roles within our organization and we anticipate that whether you are a part of our French program or not, you will have the pleasure of working with her.


Sarrie Anderson Program Manager

Sarrie has joined the EggHelpers team as the Program Manager.  Sarrie has been an egg donor several times, she has the experience, expertise, commitment and compassion to ensure needs are advocated for, supported and guided throughout this often difficult journey.

erin profile
Erin Thorpe

Erin Thorpe is EH’s Coordination Manager.  Erin and her staff have the experience, expertise, commitment and compassion to ensure future parents needs are advocated for, supported and guided throughout this often difficult journey.

Erin takes a holistic approach to everything she does. She truly cares about our clients and only pursues options tailored to each individuals needs and only offers those options with the best chance of success.

Alana Wagg

Alana is 25 years old and currently taking her LPN course part time while she works at EggHelpers. After working as an HCA with mentally ill patients she has transitioned to working in this sector of the health care industry. Being placed in an open adoption and having a relationship with her Birth Mother, she truly understand how many people it sometimes takes to create a family.Alana works with our donors, explaining the process to them and supporting them throughout their journey.