Why Become an Egg Donor?

Mar 18, 2021
Egg Donors

Are you considering egg donation? Or perhaps know someone who is and still aren’t quite sure why people sign up? Well this post is for you!

So why do people become an egg donor anyways?

To be completely honest, there are so many reason why someone may decide to donate their eggs.

Egg donation gives hopeful parents the best chance of conceiving over any other fertility treatment. This makes it the best option and a necessary step in building families for many people.

With egg donation, all expenses are covered so the donor doesn’t need to worry about a thing!

Donors are reimbursed $5000+ for expenses related to the donation.

But most importantly, egg donation is safe. Research shows that it will not affect your future fertility.

At Egg Helpers, we work around your schedule. You can still work or attend class, go to work, care for your kids.

You can be someone’s miracle by helping fulfill their dream of having a family. This is a huge factor in helping people decide to become a donor. They are helping build families in a safe environment full of love and support.

Become an Egg Donor, Visit the Donor Application Form.

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